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ImediaT Ltd was incorporated in 1994. Since  then we have been dedicated to providing advice and expertise, quality products and excellent service to all of our customers.

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3D Supplies, accessories & extended warranty - Cube3 and CubePro

3D Supplies and accessories
More information on 3D printing
3D Supplies and accessories
Need software for 3D?

PLA and ABS filament cartridge colours for Cube3 and CubePro

Glue stick for Cube3, CubeX and CubePro

Cube Glue

This helps to hold the part you print to the print plate during printing.

After printing, it easily dissolves away by simply soaking the part and print plate in warm water.

3D printing supplies

Models created with Cube3

CubePro 3D creations

Models created with CubePro

New durable material - nylon (available now!)

As well as strong ABS and compostable PLA plastic for the CubePro, a third production material is now available - nylon.

Nylon is exceptionally durable with high heat resistance and also has high strength to weight ratio.

Parts requiring secondary operations like painting, machining or adhesive bonding will benefit from using nylon.

3D printer Glue Sticks

Extend your warranty to 3 years

3D printer 3 year warranty

“Anyone can print in 3D, regardless of their ability”